Our Company

In gaming parlance, an elite game or an elite gamer is one who is a cut above the rest. In order for a player to go from noob to elite, a lot of time and effort must be put in. While some games allow for easy transitions, there are some games which will take you years to master and that can be frustrating for someone who wants to get to the next level and fast.

csflicks.net is all about gaming. We’ve focused our energy on creating a gaming experience for our users that is truly one-of-its-kind. How we have come about it is fairly simple. When we were eager young gamers, we always wanted to figure out how a game works and what makes it tick. We wanted to figure out the code and unravel it and then piece it back together. Our love for games got us interested in coding as well. We also became software developers and therefore are ideally placed to give you the best experience a video game can offer. If you think VR is the best video game experience, you have it all backward!

csflicks.net is founded on the love for gaming. We aim to create gaming experiences for players that they will never forget. How do we plan on doing this? Simply by lending them a helping hand.

Over the years, we’ve found out that gamers sometimes get stuck because they aren’t thinking too clearly after a particular leg in the game. Sometimes, it is just about surviving an onslaught of enemy fire. Sometimes, another set of hands will be able to take them out of a simple level, to a more complex one from where they can succeed. Our company’s products ensure that players gain this experience.

We believe in gaming and all that it offers, and this company and its products are our way of giving back.