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In gaming parlance, an elite game or an elite gamer is one who is a cut above the rest. In order for a player to go from noob to elite, a lot of time and effort must be put in.

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What You Need To Know About Gaming!

First off, gaming simply refers to the act of playing a video game. This video game could be a racing game, it could be a strategy heavy game, or it could be a fantasy game which sends the players on a quest or a treasure hunt.

How do you play?

The simple solution to your gaming needs which requires no infrastructural investment from you? A gaming arcade. However, a gaming arcade doesn’t exactly provide the best space in which to practice your skills – it can get quite expensive over time. Gaming can be enjoyed in two ways – one is for you to play along and be entertained and the second is to be fully immersed in it and keep trying to crack the game and reach the highest level possible.

Games are usually played on specific devices designed for games – such as the PlayStation or Wii or even handheld gaming devices like the Nintendo DS or the Sony PSP. These gaming devices have to be loaded with the game and then a player can play the game of choice. Video games are something that a user can enjoy at their own leisure and they are a great way to cut off from the real world.

What Are multi-player games?

 Video games can be a solo pastime, or they can be enjoyed with a group of friends. Each game has modes which allow multiple users to sign in and enjoy a game. Sports-based games, for instance, can be in the multi-player format. Multi-player games are highly entertaining and can be very engaging as well. The multi-player format offers an all-round perspective of a game. When you play a strategic game alone, there is no fun in it. Make a team, and suddenly the whole perspective changes and you find yourself noticing new things about the game that make it more interesting.

Multi-player games can be delineated into the following

  1. Those in which you team up with the other person to make a run/raid.
  2. Those in which the other people you are playing with are your rivals
  • Those in which you are supervising the gameplay of others

Multi-player games are a great way to interact over a common platform.

Gaming Jargon

The world of gaming is so removed from the everyday things that we often mistake their lexicon for something akin to tongues! That’s not the case at all. Since gaming is such a different activity from the rest that gamers have, over the years, developed their own coded language. Let’s look at a few terms:

  • Abandonware – there are some games that get relegated by their makers. Often times such games are hard to come by, and they end up becoming a piracy issue. However, the contention is that these games are not in the market for purchase, nor is anyone doing anything to develop it further. So, if one wants to own it through not-so-legal means, then so be it!
  • AFK – away from the keyboard. Something that comes in handy when you are playing a multi-player game.
  • Aggro – trying to get the attention of the enemy
  • AI – artificial intelligence. While this term is used quite commonly, in gaming it simply refers to the enemy who responds in kind. Usually, in graphic heavy games, the “enemy” is someone who you shoot and kill and that’s it. When the “enemy” is equally smart and can defeat you and will respond quite unlike the usual enemies, you call it AI
  • Boss – a boss is “the” enemy to defeat in a game. All levels lead to the boss.
  • Copy protection – this is a ploy used my gaming companies to prevent pirates from copying the game and selling it on the cheap
  • CRPG – computer role-playing game. This refers to mostly American games which have gameplay that is more open-ended.
  • Dating Sim – first up, sim = simulation. A dating sim is a subgenre which is all about the romance.
  • DC – disconnected
  • DLC – downloadable content
  • DPS – damage per second
  • Easter Egg – like the festival Easter eggs, these gaming Easter eggs are hidden in the game as well. These are not exactly things that will in any way change the way in which the game turns out. Sometimes, it could simply be an inside joke, or a rant, something utterly random!
  • Filler – this one has the same meaning as its non-gaming context – something added just to lengthen the game!
  • FPS – this means first-person When you are shooting someone it feels like you are the one doing it and aren’t watching it from a distance.
  • Hack – while the more common meaning is negative, a hack is actually someone who tries to make authorized changes to hardware and software.